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Does your individual Achilles tendon structure influence Achilles tendon load?

The 3D geometry of the Achilles tendon is complex (essentially made up of tendons from the three calf muscles that are twisted together) and influences the strain that occurs in different components of the tendon. This is enabled by sliding that occurs between these subtendons. They can act independently to some extent. This team aimed to develop a mathematical model to test whether the geometry of the Achilles and different rehab exercises influence Achilles strain.

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Podcasts2nd of March 2023

Do psychological, cognitive, and contextual factors influence rehab outcomes in Achilles tendinopathy?

This week I talk about a feasibility cohort study which sought to determine whether a larger cohort study addressing this question would be feasible. Listen to hear some interesting preliminary findings.

Podcasts15th of February 2023

Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy - the forgotten tendinopathy

This week, I had an engaging conversation with Anthony Nasser, an up-and-coming researcher on tendinopathy who recently completed his PhD on proximal hamstring tendinopathy. Our discussion covered the reasons for the lack of research attention towards this condition, the current state of evidence, and insights from his doctoral studies. You can find the full conversation here.

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Podcasts7th of February 2023

How useful is palpation for diagnosis and assessment?

Palpation can be useful for the diagnosis and assessment of tendinopathy, but there are limits. This is because non-painful tendons can be tender, and tenderness in painful tendons seems to be very slow to get better.

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Podcasts31st of January 2023

Muscle and tendon tuning and implications for tendon rehabilitation

Interesting perspective paper from Arampatzis et al talking about how we should consider tuning of muscle tendon unit in terms of muscle strength and tendon stiffness when considering training for specific groups.

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Podcasts25th of January 2023

Assessing Achilles forces during common rehab exercises and habitual activities

This talking tendons episode will discuss a study by Igor Sancho, PhD, assessing Achilles forces during common rehab exercises and habitual activities and how this relates to reported pain among runners. Some interesting implications for practice.

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Podcasts12th of December 2022

Graded exposure in tendinopathy rehabilitation

In this episode, I am discussing kinesiophobia in the context of tendon rehab and how rehab can be conceptualised as graded exposure for some people.

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Podcasts27th of April 2022

Load test pain and kinesiophobia and how they interact in tendinopathy assessment

In this episode I talk about how load test pain assessment and how this can also be used to assess kinesiophobia and movement apprehension.

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Podcasts18th of April 2022

Gluteal tendinopathy chat with Chris Clifford

I had a great time talking Gluteal tendinopathy with Chris Clifford. Chris is an experienced clinician from Glasgow who is in the throws of completing his PhD on this condition. We chatted about rehab, the use of isometrics, difficult patient groups and how to navigate them, and much more. 

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Podcasts11th of April 2022

Do dietary supplements improve outcomes in tendinopathy?

Patients often ask about dietary supplements and if they may be helpful in recovering from a tendinopathy problem. There is a new systematic review out which has attempted to answer this question and it is the subject of this episode of talking tendons.

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Podcasts9th of April 2022

Is wait and see a viable option for Achilles tendinopathy?

Will midportion Achilles pain improve if you wait and see? This is often a really important question to discuss with patients. Luckily we have some evidence to answer it which I explore in this short podcast (9 minutes). Hope you enjoy. 

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Podcasts9th of March 2022

Education interventions in rotator cuff tendinopathy

In this episode I discuss two qualitative studies exploring the views of patients and expert clinicians about what needs to be included in education for rotator cuff tendinopathy.

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