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Tendinopathy Updates (FREE)28th of August 2016

Are pathological Achilles tendons 'weak'?

The blog this week focuses on a study investigating whether pathology influences Achilles tendon strain during a single leg jump.

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Tendinopathy Updates (FREE)14th of August 2016

Risk factors for plantar fasciopathy / plantar heel pain

The blog this week focuses on a systematic review of risk factors for plantar fasciopathy by van Leeuwen et al.

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New evidence about the subcutaneous Achilles bursa - should we care?

The blog has evolved to a fortnightly format. The main reason for this is that my balance of academic work has changed, aka I have a real job now! The blog this week focuses on a study that sheds light on the potential role of the subcutaneous bursa in insertional Achilles tendinopathy...


Return to sport considerations after Achilles tendon rupture

The blog this week focuses on a recent systematic review that examined return to sport after Achilles tendon rupture. Not surprisingly, there are a significant proportion that do not return to sport at the same level.

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Most popular Tendinopathy Blogs of 2016, so far!

To mark 6 months of the blog let’s take a look back at the 3 (actually 4) most popular posts of 2016, here they are:.....

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Single leg standing considerations for gluteal tendinopathy

The blog this week focuses on 1 cool study looking at weightshift and standing kinematics in gluteal tendinopathy.

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Keeping it simple during rotator cuff tendinopathy rehab

Great blog this week. A rare foray into the upper limb with a look at an interested RCT by Christ Littlewood and his group from the UK.

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Read this to understand jump biomechanics in patellar tendinopathy

The blog this week focuses on one of my favourite topics; jump biomechanics in patellar tendinopathy – this time investigating the effect of fatigue, with some very relevant and interest take to clinic messages.

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A clinical guide to PRP injections for tendinopathy

This blog this week focuses on the use of platelet rich plasma (PRP) in tendinopathy.

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Achilles strain changes with exercise and warm up

Let’s press on with our blog mission of translating tendinopathy research into practice! There are a couple of interesting papers this week.

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Treadmill running increases Achilles tendon force

Some great stuff in the blog this week. First a paper by Rich Willy et al. comparing patellofemoral and Achilles loads in overground and treadmill running – brings up some interesting questions for running rehab among Achilles patients. Then we have a huge review of exercise and ageing effects on tendon. Although their focus on normal tendon some messages there for loading tendinopathic tendon.

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Do isometrics reduce pain in rotator cuff tendinopathy?

A couple of interesting articles in this weeks blog. First a look at a pilot study investigating isometric load and ice for managing pain in acute onset supraspinatus tendinopathy – we are lucky enough to have some insights and comments from the first author too, Phillip Parle. Then we look at ankle dorsiflexion range in the lunge test among insertional Achilles patients with clinical implications galore!

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