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26th November 2023

Mastering Lower Limb Tendinopathy (6th edition) - Melbourne, Australia

Complete. Physio Exercise Performance, Melbourne 

 2nd November 2023

Mastering Lower Limb Tendinopathy (6th edition) - Barbican, London

Nuffield Health, London


Mastering Lower Limb Tendinopathy (6th ed)

Face to Face

  • 12 hours of cutting edge clinical tendinopathy CPD delivered by clinical and research expert
  • During the course, you will gain the expertise to:
    • Describe how diagnosis and assessment influence management eg pain irritability and cognitive-emotional factors
    • Discuss when and how tendon pathology influences clinical reasoning and management
    • Describe indications for imaging tendinopathy patients
    • Describe and implement biomechanics and kinetic chain considerations and assessment
    • Develop comprehensive rehabilitation strategies for common lower limb tendinopathies
    • Discuss specific strategies to maximise tendinopathy patient adherence, education and buy-in
    • Plan and implement detailed return to sports progressions for sedentary people, runners, jumpers, multi-direction sports, etc
    • Describe the management of athletes in-season as well as maintenance programs
    • Discuss when to use adjunct conservative interventions (e.g. orthotics, manual therapy) and injections in different tendinopathy presentations
    • Describe current understanding of tendinopathy pain and how this influences management
    • Pre-course video content: 4 x 1 hour online modules of video content covering tendon structure and function, pathogenesis and pain mechanisms, tendinopathy aetiology, and tendinopathy management evidence. It is essential that these are viewed prior to the course as this is assumed knowledge. The face-to-face day focuses on clinical content.
  • This course is appropriate for qualified physiotherapists as well as other health professionals.