Injection Therapy - What does the evidence tell us?

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Injections such as steroid and platelet-rich plasma continue to be popular for tendinopathy, and there are other emerging injections such as the high-volume injection. Take a listen to the latest episode of 'Talking Tendons' where I discuss the latest evidence.



If you're interested in delving deeper into the conversation I will be hosting a 1 day seminar in Melbourne on the 4th May 2019 titled Injection Therapy in Tendinopathy: Art & Science.

We are lucky to be joined by both international and national speakers including Dr Brooke Coombes (Physiotherapist), Dr John Orchard (Sports Physician), Dr Glen Whittacker (Podiatrist), Dr Dean Samaras (Podiatric Surgeon), Prof Dylan Morrissey (Physiotherapist), Dr Otto Chan (Radiologist), Dr Hans Tol (Sports Physician), A/Prof Jane Fitzpatrick (Sports Physician) and A/Prof David Connell (Radiologist).




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