Mastering Lower Limb Tendinopathy
6th Edition
Includes all the latest Tendinopathy evidence as well as new rehabilitation tips.

Mastering Lower Limb Tendinopathy 6th Edition

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[ Level 1 ]
Module / Level 1

1. Tendon Structure & Function

Understand the tendon structure, the difference between energy storage and positional tendons, tendon function during human movement as well as homeostasis and adaptation.

99 Min4 Videos1 Tests
Module / Level 1

2. Tendon Pain & Pathology

Describe the latest research relating to the pathology and pain of tendinopathy and how this applies to clinical management.

97 Min3 Videos1 Tests
Module / Level 1

3. What causes Tendinopathy?

Understand the key factors that may cause tendinopathy and importantly the changes in movement, biomechanics and neuromuscular factors that commonly occur after the onset of tendon pain. The focus is on tips to identify these in clinical practice.

77 Min3 Videos1 Tests
[ Level 2 ]
Module / Level 2

4. Assessment & Management

Develop an accurate and systematic approach to diagnosis, assessment and management of all common lower limb tendinopathies.

110 Min4 Videos1 Tests
Module / Level 2

5. Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy

Develop expert knowledge and skills in planning the management and rehabilitation strategies for proximal hamstring tendinopathy patients seen in clinic and sports team environments.

123 Min30 Videos1 Tests
Module / Level 2

6. Gluteal Tendinopathy

Develop expert knowledge, skills and top tips in assessing and managing gluteal tendinopathy among sedentary people as well as active athletes.

120 Min35 Videos1 Tests
[ Level 3 ]
Module / Level 3

7. Patellar Tendinopathy

Develop advanced skills, knowledge and strategies to allow you to successfully manage patellar tendinopathy among jumping, sprinting and other athletes.

104 Min17 Videos1 Tests
Module / Level 3

8. Achilles, Plantar and Tibialis Posterior Tendinopathy

Develop skills, knowledge and the best strategies to allow you to manage Achilles tendinopathy presenting in all demographics from sedentary and older persons to the weekend warrior and high-end athlete.

130 Min45 Videos1 Tests
Module / Level 3

9. Adjuncts & Case Studies

Understand when adjuncts are indicated including shockwave therapy, manual therapy, electrotherapy as well as medications, injections and surgery.

145 Min3 Videos2 Tests

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