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Tendinopathy Updates (FREE)31st of January 2016

The best clinical tests for hip abductor muscle dysfunction

The core mission of this blog is to improve the clinical knowledge and skills of busy clinicians by discussing research and how it fits into clinical practice. I like the analogy of ‘joining the dots’, because I am sure that like me, many clinicians feel they would love to have a good grasp of all the information out there and how it can make them a better clinician.

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Tendinopathy Updates (FREE)17th of January 2016

The truth about jumping biomechanics and patellar tendinopathy (and more)

Great blog this week – one of my favourite topics in jump biomechanics and patellar tendinopathy, as well as a study investigating an ankle foot orthotic and tibialis posterior.

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Tendinopathy Updates (FREE)3rd of January 2016

Tendinopathy Research Update No 1 2016

Happy new year – hope all the readers have a wonderful 2016. This year I will do a weekly tendinopathy research update to make sure you are always up to date.

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