Most popular Tendinopathy Blogs of 2016, so far!

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Hi All,

Welcome to tendinopathy blog 28

The Mastering Lower Limb Tendinopathy course is filling quickly, some places available in Adelaide (12/13 Aug), Brisbane (16/17 Sept) and Perth (21/22 Oct).

Special edition of the blog this week (subscribe here), celebrating the fact we are 6 months old! Has been a great journey so far. From a selfish point of view the blog forces me to stop being lazy keep up to date with research. But the real goal is to translate some of the research into practice and hopefully leave you with some take home messages. To that end, thanks to all the subscribers and readers, and particularly to those leaving comments, which definitely does make it worthwhile!

To mark 6 months of the blog let’s take a look back at the 3 (actually 4) most popular posts of 2016, here they are:

1.       Top tips for proximal hamstring tendinopathy rehab
          (topping the lot! Obviously lot’s of interesting in how to rehab proximal hamstring tendons)

2.       What is the best way to load pathological tendon?
3.       A clinical guide to PRP injections for tendinopathy
4.       9 tendinopathy truths that you MUST know (version 2!)

(Sorry, sneaking a 4th in there as this one was very close)

If you are late to the blog these seems like the most popular, the pick of the bunch so far, the ones to read. Special thanks to Tom Goom (twitter @tomgoom) for contributing to the first one. His Hamstring management narrative review paper published in JOSPT has been a hit. You can access full text here.

All the best until next time


Peter Malliaras
Tendinopathy Rehabilitation