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Tendinopathy Updates (FREE)9th of November 2017

Tendinopathy pain

Pain education in tendinopathy is tricky, in our clinic we use a simple 6 page education document.

Tendinopathy Updates (FREE)11th of October 2017

Evidence based medicine: is it working in tendinopathy?

An example of evidence based medicine and how we should reserve excitement in science before we have multiple studies and sufficient evidence.

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That elusive biological magic bullet for tendinopathy

I have wanted to write this blog for a while, mainly for the benefit of patients wondering about these treatments.

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Are my ‘weak’ gluteals causing my Achilles pain?

Many patients are told they have weak and poor gluteals that are causing everything. Their Achilles pain, their back pain, and perhaps thereby gluteal ‘weakness’ is the cause of their general dissatisfaction with life!

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Neuromechanical deficits 1-2 years after Achilles tendon repair

Interesting study to review this week from Oda et al. Co-authors include Paavo Komi and Masaki Ishikawa who have done lots of work on stretch shorten cycle.

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How to allay the fear of rupture among patients with Achilles pain

How often does a patient with Achilles tendon pain either ask or have concern about rupturing their tendon?

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Can ultrasound imaging predict Achilles and patellar tendon pain?

This week’s blog focuses on an exceptional systematic review from a progressive group in Ireland. They tackle the simple question of whether imaging pathology predicts the future onset of tendon pain.

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Tendinopathy Updates (FREE)30th of April 2017

The concept of HIGH + FAST load in tendinopathy

We know that stretch shorten cycle load relates to tendon injury but why? And how does this influence our management and rehab planning?

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Tendinopathy Updates (FREE)13th of April 2017

Understanding Hip Joint Pain in the Young Adult

Another great guest blog from Eric Meira this week. This time on understanding hip pain in the young adult.

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Is Achilles tendon blood flow related to foot pronation?

This week I focus on a study investigating a potential mechanism that may explain the link between foot pronation and Achilles tendinopathy.

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Tendinopathy Updates (FREE)19th of March 2017

Compression in insertional Achilles tendinopathy: worth worrying about?

Bullock et al. just published this study where they investigate evidence for compression of the Achilles tendon with MRI.

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Isometrics for tendon pain - is the hype justified?

This week we tackle the conundrum of isometric exercise for tendinopathy. This includes a sneak peak, or at least mention of an unpublished paper we are about to submit.

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Mastering Lower Limb Tendinopathy

Clinical gems and awesome management models. Your patients will love you for it!

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