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Podcasts15th of February 2023

Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy - the forgotten tendinopathy

This week, I had an engaging conversation with Anthony Nasser, an up-and-coming researcher on tendinopathy who recently completed his PhD on proximal hamstring tendinopathy. Our discussion covered the reasons for the lack of research attention towards this condition, the current state of evidence, and insights from his doctoral studies. You can find the full conversation here.

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Podcasts7th of February 2023

How useful is palpation for diagnosis and assessment?

Palpation can be useful for the diagnosis and assessment of tendinopathy, but there are limits. This is because non-painful tendons can be tender, and tenderness in painful tendons seems to be very slow to get better.

Talking Tendons ep 35 image.jpg
Podcasts31st of January 2023

Muscle and tendon tuning and implications for tendon rehabilitation

Interesting perspective paper from Arampatzis et al talking about how we should consider tuning of muscle tendon unit in terms of muscle strength and tendon stiffness when considering training for specific groups.

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Podcasts25th of January 2023

Assessing Achilles forces during common rehab exercises and habitual activities

This talking tendons episode will discuss a study by Igor Sancho, PhD, assessing Achilles forces during common rehab exercises and habitual activities and how this relates to reported pain among runners. Some interesting implications for practice.

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Podcasts12th of December 2022

Graded exposure in tendinopathy rehabilitation

In this episode, I am discussing kinesiophobia in the context of tendon rehab and how rehab can be conceptualised as graded exposure for some people.

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