Do psychological, cognitive, and contextual factors influence rehab outcomes in Achilles tendinopathy?

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This week I talk about a feasibility cohort study which sought to determine whether a larger cohort study addressing this question would be feasible. There are some interesting preliminary findings.




Merza, E.Y., Pearson, S.J., Mallows, A.J. and Malliaras, P., 2023. The relationship between psychological, cognitive, and contextual factors and rehabilitation outcomes in Achilles tendinopathy: A prospective feasibility cohort study. Physical Therapy in Sport.

Mallows, A., Jackson, J., Littlewood, C. and Debenham, J., 2020. The association of working alliance, outcome expectation, adherence and self?efficacy with clinical outcomes for Achilles tendinopathy: A feasibility cohort study (the MAP study). Musculoskeletal Care, 18(2), pp.169-176.

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