Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy - the forgotten tendinopathy

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This week, I had an engaging conversation with Anthony Nasser, an up-and-coming researcher on tendinopathy who recently completed his PhD on proximal hamstring tendinopathy. Our discussion covered the reasons for the lack of research attention towards this condition, the current state of evidence, and insights from his doctoral studies. You can find the full conversation here.



Here are Anthony's related publications:
Nasser, A.M., Pizzari, T., Grimaldi, A., Vicenzino, B., Rio, E. and Semciw, A.I., 2021. Proximal hamstring tendinopathy; expert physiotherapists’ perspectives on diagnosis, management and prevention. Physical Therapy in Sport, 48, pp.67-75.

Nasser, A.M., Vicenzino, B., Grimaldi, A., Anderson, J. and Semciw, A.I., 2021. Proximal hamstring tendinopathy: a systematic review of interventions. International journal of sports physical therapy, 16(2), p.288.

Nasser, A., Semciw, A., Grimaldi, A., Rio, E., Pizzari, T. and Vicenzino, B., 2022. Core outcome set development for proximal hamstring tendinopathy (COS-PHT): a study protocol. Physical Therapy Reviews, 27(4), pp.313-319.

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