Efficacy of PRP injections for tendinopathy…really?

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It has been a long time between chats but the tendinopathy blog is not dead!

In fact, it has been reborn, or you could say it has evolved into a podcast format. Our mission is still the same: Translate the newest and most clinically applicable tendinopathy research to clinicians. The plan is to release a couple of these podcasts per month.

The podcast is called ‘talking tendons’, a name I stole from Adam Meakins and Eric Meira. They do lots of great podcasts for clinicians that can be found here. Definitely check them out.

First talking tendons episode is called ‘efficacy of PRP injections for tendinopathy…really?’. So where is the PRP evidence at? And should we be recommending them for our patients?

We delve into these issues and more. Take a listen.


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Peter Malliaras
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